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  • Too easy. Great product, well done!!
  • That's really so awesome. The UI is so simple and clean. I like it.
  • I got to know this product by google, compared some of this kind of programs, this one is the best choice for me.

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How to copy iPad ePub books to iTunes and sync to iPhone 4G?

"Recently, Apple releases a new and changeable product-- iPhone 4G. In so many ways, it is a first. You will see iPhone 4G creates iBooks to place and browse through books. And now you wanna transfer ePub books from iPad to iPhone 4G, convenient for you to answer telephone with reading books. Is there a best iPad to iPhone 4G tool for ePub books transferring. You can use a third party software -iMacsoft iPad to PC Transfer we recommend to help you transfer iPad ePub files to PC and sync them to iPhone 4G with iTunes. By the way, this product is equally feasible for iPod, iPhone users."

This iPad to PC Transfer will provide you with a perfect program on copying ePub files to iTunes easily and fast. In this article, we will show you a step by step guide to help you copy ePub files from iPad to iTunes and sync them to iPhone 4G with iTunes.

1. Run the software and connect iPad to PC
Download and launch iMacsoft iPad to PC Transfer. Once connect your iPad to PC, and all information about your iPad, such as Type, Capacity, Version, Serial Number, and Format, will be shown on the main interface.

iMacsoft iPad to PC Transfer

2. Copy ePub books from iPad to iTunes
1) Open the "Books" library that you want to transfer. All these music files are displayed on the library panel.
2) Locate the files you want to transfer in the "Books" library and check them without any loss.
3) Choose the "Export->Export to iTunes " option on the "File" top-menu, or directly click the "Export checked files to iTunes" button to export and select the target folder for saving iPad in the dialog box that appears, and press "Save" button and start to transfer ePub books from iPad to PC.

iMacsoft iPad to PC Transfer

iMacsoft iPad to PC Transfer

3. Sync ePub files to iPhone 4G
Install and run iTunes, search for iBooks (ePub format) files and add them to iTunes library. And then connect you iPhone 4G with PC, all selected books files are shown on iTunes library "Books" option and iPhone 4G can be detected and its icon is displayed on iTunes in the left panel. Click this iPhone icon and choose Books option to sync ePub files to iPhone completely.

iMacsoft iPad to PC Transfer

iMacsoft iPad to PC Transfer

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